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We have been into the garage demolition projects for the last 20 years and our experienced workforce certifies to our successful profile.

We have the knowledge to perform garage demolition

Garage demolition is not that easy as it seems to be. We take care not to harm the other structures present in the same plot. At House Demolition Contractor we’ve been in the Garage demolition industry for years, and in that time our knowledge and abilities have fine-tuned us into the premier Garage demolition company in Sydney. We provide all our clients with the complete package that can make the difference for their projects and developments.

What makes us the best demolition company?

Garage DemolitionWe are recognized to provide you with the essential assistance with high quality work on the said time. Our main aim remains customer satisfaction and providing the best possible remedy. Our reputation for excellence is well deserved. Here at House Demolition Contractor we organise the entire process, to eliminate any uncertainty for you. Every project is unique and as such, we go the extra mile to accommodate our customer needs. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, safety and quality.

We manage you together with your precious neighbours so they won’t be bothered during the work within the said site. Our onsite care and safety are second to none. We pride ourselves on having the most responsible Garage demolition services in Sydney and we are always committed to following regulations by Workplace Health and Safety Laws. The strict safety precautions that we abide by ensure a safe workplace for all involved and all of our jobs are completed in accordance with Worksafe and Australian standards and regulations.

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Leave It To Our Demolition Experts

We can give you a statement and finish the documentation ahead of time of the demolition work. At the point once you’re prepared to wreck, we’ll assume control of everything, get the important approvals ahead of time and securely eliminate any asbestos. We will be the beginning and finish for your house demolition in Sydney on the concurred date and course of events.

Council Accredited Documentation

We will take care of all of the documentation required to carry on the work with the recognised council.

Requisite Documentation

The required deal will take place between the customer and the shareholders.

Disconnection of all the plumbing and power links

The professionals will take care to disconnect all of the plumbing and power fixtures.

Temporary barricade for safety

The demolition or excavation site might be barricaded temporarily before commencement of the work for safety.

Allows for rubbish removal

We will take care to remove all of the rubbish and the rubbles with the required documentation.

Ultimate clean-up on the site

we take care to remove all the rubbles and garbage before handing you the site for future use.

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